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Simply perfect

Experience a high-quality, modular LED system which can be put together using a simple “building block” system. Flexible, individual, simple.

Whether it’s for an illuminated exhibition stand, shop-fitting or advertising technology – put your personal exhibition highlight together with quality illuminated frames, illuminated walls, illuminated counters and flexible LED modules.

LED Exhibition Stand

Simply brilliant

Premium aluminium profiles and no-frame design with high-quality panels give your illuminated wall or exhibition stand an elegant look. The CREE-LED features guarantee homogeneous lighting and give your print motif the optimal effect.

Thanks to the quick-fastening system and clever silicone edge technology, your illuminated exhibition stand, light box or illuminated wall is set up in no time at all. High-quality materials and the various accessory options make this exhibition lighting system a great advertising medium for diverse purposes.


The LED elements in detail

AP 137

Illuminated light box profile on both sides, alternatively both sides with textile filling or one side with panel materials. Lateral or stored LED ladder ensures homogeneous illumination.

AP 80

One-sided illuminated light box profile for flexible use as an illuminated exhibition wall, light box or shop-fitting element. Lateral or stored LED ladder ensures homogeneous illumination. You can choose to receive this light box with or without fillings, supplied as a compact package, prepared ready-to-use for tool-free self-assembly.

Discover the vast possibilities of use and accessory options for this one-sided light box!

AP 45

AP 55

Multi-functional frame system which is especially suitable for modularly structured walls in exhibition and shop construction. Usable with textile or panel filling, this LED profile is ideally suitable for the construction of columns, light box systems or also as acoustic panels with internal acoustic foam.

Semicircular or square corner profiles offer the perfect base for larger room stagings at exhibitions or at the point of sale.

AP 30

Measuring only 30 mm, the most narrow of the LED systems. A panel light either illuminates a transparent perspex board or a textile filling. With frame profiles, you can also incorporate backlights using a magnet system on an additional perspex board in seconds. Round corner profiles allow corner solutions or very flat column cladding.

Bring out your own features with a large selection of perspex boards, RGB-controlled LEDs or additional illuminated contours on the exterior of this LED profile!

AP 87

Whether free-standing illuminated wall, illuminated ceiling dangler or light box: With this profile, you can set up or hang surfaces of up to 6×6 m. Ideal for exhibition or shop fitting! Inserting perspex boards can generate additional light contours and is supplemented with RGB controls.

This LED lighting system, which can be expanded by 3-phase conductor rails for pendant luminaires or spots, offers numerous individual options when designing an illuminated exhibition stand.

AP 47

Illuminated exhibition counters, worktops or cubes as well as counters with hung ceiling structures can be perfectly implemented with this LED profile. Various filling options (aluminium, composite panels, glass or textile) as well as numerous optional extras such as lockable sliding doors or intermediate floors make this illuminated profile an all-rounder for your exhibition.

Elegant cover profiles ensure a high-quality look and feel of your illuminated advertising counter, illuminated cube or counter!

AP 20

This slim profile is the ideal addition for constructing spatial structures such as illuminated counters, worktops or illuminated cubes. Available in LED or unlit versions and alternatively available with textiles or coverings of MDF or perspex.

A lightweight which is immediately ready for your mobile use at fairs, events or shop construction.


Plug & Play


The low weight and unique connection technology ensure a quick, tool-free assembly and disassembly, simple transportation and space-saving storage.


The modular building block principle offers flexible options: Whether reshaping, expanding or using individual elements – you can put together your completely individual solution.


Thanks to the intelligent silicone edge technology for graphics recording, you can change the motif in no time at all.

LED Exhibition Stand


Maximum mobility – maximum freedom! Your illuminated exhibition stand or illuminated counter is designed in such a way that the assembly and disassembly as well as transportation can be carried out effortlessly and in a cost-efficient manner. After your fair or event, you can simply take apart the illuminated wall modules and stow them away in the practical transport cases.

Without painstaking and expensive logistics, your illuminated exhibition stand is the perfect companion for mobile use at fairs, events, promotions or special campaigns at the point of sale! LED Exhibition Stand

LED Exhibition Stand

Simply moveable!

Illuminated promotion stand with fair counter

After your promotion campaign, fair or event, you can transport smaller illuminated exhibition stands without problems in a personal car.

Light boxes, illuminated walls and illuminated counters

All printed graphics can be installed very easily and are lightweight. Practical, wheeled transport cases ensure comfortable transportation.

Light exhibition stand with illuminated exhibition walls

In no time at all, your illuminated exhibition stand is stowed again after your event. In this way, transporting your illuminated walls or light boxes is also a simple and cost-efficient matter!

Simply smart!

The perfect transport solution

The transport boxes for all light systems for exhibitions have wheels, can be carried and stacked easily. In one box, you can pack up to 20 m2 wall surface of your illuminated exhibition stand.

Whether next to each other in the vehicle or stacked on top of each other on the way to the exhibition: You can simply connect the transport cases to practical packing boxes.

Clever additional advantage: After construction, the transport boxes are suitable for use as additional elements for your illuminated exhibition stand, e.g. as shelves, counters or presentation surfaces for your exhibits.

LED Exhibition Stand


Put together precisely the exhibition stand or illuminated wall that you desire from the various LED profiles. Your illuminated exhibition stand will suit your requirements exactly in terms of size, shape and structure.

Place particular accents by using illuminated exhibition counters, light boxes and LED ceiling danglers which give your exhibition stand a high-quality and fine look.

Numerous accessory elements such as monitor brackets, tablet holders, brochure presenters and shelves perfectly round off the high-quality overall impression of your illuminated exhibition stand.

Further accessories

iPad holder

For a professional mixed-media presentation.

Brochure holder

You can keep printed information such as flyers or brochures here.

Clothing rail

The perfect solution for presenting textiles.

Magnet holder

Place highlights and exhibits here in a special way.

TV bracket

Always an eye-catcher: Moving pictures on your exhibition stand.

RGB controls

High-quality control technology for your individual illumination.

Individual solutions Your vision – our task!

Do you already have in mind what you want in your LED exhibition stand? Send us your ideas and requirements, we can put together your unique exhibition stand from the numerous available elements:

Bridge elements
Door / cabinets

Promotional columns / tower
Goods presenter
Product shelves

LED Exhibition Stand


Top Quality

Quality illuminated frames and fine aluminium profiles guarantee the best quality. The CREE-LED features ensure an optimum, homogeneous illumination.

High-quality visuals

A premium print on anti-reflex sublimated fabric brings your motif to the fore and in high definition. The no-frame look of the overall coating with backing material rounds off the modern design.

100 % flexible

The modular building block system allows you to put together diverse exhibition stand sizes and versions individually. Numerous accessory options can be added as desired.


Simple & fast: The tool-free assembly and disassembly with the quick-fastening system and clever silicone edge technology for graphics recording make the logistics a stress-free matter.



3D Service


Our service team are happy to advise you in detail about your LED exhibition stand. Your requests and requirements take top priority with us.


We can place your brand or company in the space and create an exhibition stand which is functional and attractive.


We construct and visualise all elements with the most modern programmes – you receive a detailed 3D preview of your exhibition stand.


Present your exhibition stand and convince internal or external decision-makers of the high-quality result.



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LED Exhibition Stand

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